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Sambo Seminar

Cummings Combat Sambo Seminar

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Cummings Combat Sambo Seminar

Join us in a weekend of fun as Combat Sambo Coach,
Carlos Cummings returns to Virginia with sneaky submissions, action-packed throws, and gruesome toe holds!

This seminar is for the beginner or advanced, so no matter if you compete in combat sports, train for Personal Protection, or just enjoy Martial Arts and would like to come out and have some fun… This seminar is for YOU!

September 27th: 5pm-7pm and
September 28th: 10am-1pm

The cost for this seminar (pre-registered) is:
• $35 for one day
• $45 for two days

Participants on the week of:
• $40 for one day
• $50 for two days

Price: $45
Participant Name:

*All participants will be required to complete a waiver to participate. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

*pre-registration is recommended for this event.

*Failure to show may result in forfeiture of registration. If the event is rescheduled, participants will be given the option of moving their registration to the new date or receiving a refund. If the event is canceled, all registrations will be refunded.